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Ase Utra SL7i BoreLock

The Ase Utra SL7i-BL suppressor is a lightweight, compact suppressor designed for use on .30 calibre bolt-action rifles.

£525.00 Inc. VAT

We like this suppressor for its compact size size and performance. In addition various BoreLock mounts are available allowing you to adapt the suppressor to several rifles. This keeps your costs down as you can have one suppressor which will fit on your rifles of .30 calibre and under.

Whilst it's efficiency may be reduced on smaller calibres with the .30 calibre bore, it will still perform well and give you a versatile set up. For example you could have your .308 Win target rifle fitted with a BoreLock brake, your .223 Rem AR15 fitted with a BoreLock collar and use the Ase Utra SL7i-BL suppressor on both rifles. Note, this suppressor will not work with the BoreLock Hiper flash hider.

It is also available in .338 bore for efficient suppression of larger calibre rifles such as .338 Lapua Magnum and .300 Wichester Magnum.

BoreLock mounts can be found here.

Manufactured in Finland by Ase Utra OY, the SL7i-BL is an all-welded construction of 300 series stainless steel, rated for use on bolt-action target and hunting rifles.

The tapered surface on the BoreLock muzzle brake blocks almost all of the fouling from going into the attachment thread area, enabling easy removal of the suppressor even after several hundred rounds.

In addition to the reduction in sound signature, the suppressor also reduces recoil and eliminates muzzle flash, so minimises disturbance particularly useful when hunting.

Recommended accessory for the suppressor is the Ase Utra cover made from Nomex and Cordura.

Specification SL7i-BL .30 calibre


SL7i-BL 530 g
SL7i-BL (with BoreLock mount) 681 g*

*Combined weight of suppressor and BoreLock muzzle brake.


44.5 mm

Overall length of suppressor:

177 mm

Added length to weapon:

131 mm (Fitted on BoreLock muzzle brake)

Net sound suppression (.308 Win, 1 metre left of muzzle):

31-33 dB


2 years

As this accessory is designed to diminish the noise or flash of a firearm, a licence is required for possession in the UK. Sec 57(1)(d) Firearms Act (as amended) 1968. In the United Kingdom, this item can only be purchased by a Registered Firearms Dealer or by an individual with a variation on their FAC.

Export of firearms and component parts require an approved UK export licence issued by the Department for International Trade.

Unless otherwise stated the price is for a single item, in one colour.
Dragonfly Ordnance accepts no liability for the use (or misuse) of this equipment.
Pictures are for reference; product delivered may differ slightly to that shown.

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