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Schmidt & Bender needs no introduction, proven for decades in almost every environment by hunters, target shooters, police and military users.


The 3-12x50 Hungaria is a superb choice for hunting at dawn / dusk and in low light environments such as woodland. With its variable magnification and illuminated reticle, it is a superb all round hunting scope and gives performance far beyond its competitors. Made in Hungary at Schmidt & Benders factory using German components it represents superb value for money.


This scope is equipped with the Klassik windage and elevation turrets which have a window and dot indicator to show the position of the reticle in the adjustment range.


Before zeroing the riflescope on the rifle, the user can check at a glance to ensure that the black dot is located under the letter M (for Midpoint). This ensures the reticle is centred to allow the maximum travel in each direction.


Schmidt & Bender scopes are available in a vast number of configurations (model dependant) so you can specify exactly what you need.

Schmidt & Bender Klassik Hungaria 3-12x50 L3 30mm scope

SKU: 644-811-482-05-05H
£1,280.00 Regular Price
£949.00Sale Price
VAT Included
Colour: BLK
    • Model: 3-12x50 Hungaria
    • Turret type: Klassik
    • Turret rotation: Clockwise*
    • Click value: 1cm/.1Mrad
    • Reticle: L3, illuminated
    • Focal plane: First
    • Colour: Black
    • Tube diameter: 30mm
    • MPN: 644-811-482-05-05H
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