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The 30 cal size ammo can is a very practical size for toting ammo and shooting accessories without the can becoming overly heavy or unwieldy. This set has 4 of these useful size ammo cans complete with a storage tray so you can keep them together when in a vehicle or on a shelf.


These are ideal to have as a grab box for each gun filled with magazines, ammo, firearm specific stuff like mag loaders, tools, pull through, spares, etc.


"A rugged tactical carrying crate for multi-caliber ammo storage and transport. Comes with four, O-ring sealed 30 Caliber ammo cans(AC30T) for multi-caliber ammo storage. 30 Caliber ammo cans are a convenient size to store all types of bulk ammo. The only problem is, that they are easier to knock over than the larger ammo cans. Now you can stack them as tall as you want in these specialized crates. Made of rugged polypropylene to last. Stackable and strapable with four tie down spots for ATV attachment."

MTM AC4C 4-Can Ammo Crate 30 Cal

£49.00 Regular Price
£44.90Sale Price
VAT Included
Colour: FDE
    • Use this crate for easier carry and transport of multi-calibre ammo storage
    • Includes Four, O-ring sealed 30 Caliber ammo cans (AC30T) for multi-caliber ammo storage
    • 30 Caliber ammo cans are a convenient size to store all types of bulk ammo and will be impossible to tip over in the AC4C
    • Stackable and easy to secure with Four tie down spots for ATV attachment
    • Outside Dimensions: 23.5”(L) x 11.3”(W) x 7.5”(H)


    MTM 30 Caliber ammo can(AC30T) features include:


    • Water-resistant O-ring seal for dry storage, (non-submersible)
    • Heavy-duty latching system makes for a better seal
    • Strong comfortable handle and double padlock tabbed for security
    • Designed for stacking and made of rugged polypropylene plastic; 12-pound carry capacity
    • Outside Dimensions: 3.4”(L) x 8.9”(W) x 6.1”(H)
    • Inside Dimensions: 5”(L) x 11.3”(W) x 7.2”(H)


    Colours available: FDE cans / green crate

  • Unless otherwise stated the price is for a single item, in one colour.

    Dragonfly Ordnance UK accepts no liability for the use (or misuse) of this equipment.

    Pictures are for reference; product delivered may differ slightly to that shown.

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