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A very handy shooting bag for use in the field, hang it on the edge of a high chair rest, a fence, car door, etc.


This one is ready filled for use straight out of the box.


"Support and protect your rifle in almost any hunting situation. The Caldwell Blind Bag is the answer when other types of support are unavailable or inappropriate. Quick set-up for accurate shooting when the need for a stable rest is at a premium."

Caldwell Hunters blind bag filled

SKU: 247261
VAT Included
  • Features:


    • Quickly sets on any narrow surface such as; deer/turkey stands, fence posts, tree limbs, brick walls or the side of your pickup
    • Bag is trim, lightweight, easy-filling and will not sag over time
    • Dark green color blends well with natural surroundings
    • 5.75" wide and 1.75" deep with an overall height of 9.5"
  • Unless otherwise stated the price is for a single item, in one colour.

    Dragonfly Ordnance UK accepts no liability for the use (or misuse) of this equipment.

    Pictures are for reference; product delivered may differ slightly to that shown.

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