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Designed for use with the Ase Utra BoreLock equipped suppressors. The tapered surface on the BoreLock muzzle brake blocks almost all of the fouling from going into the attachment thread area, enabling easy removal of the suppressor even after several hundred rounds.


After fitting the forward chamber section is rotated to the correct timing position and locked in place making installation hassle free.


For the Ase Utra BoreLock compatible suppressors see here. 


No licence is required for this item in the UK as it is not designed to diminish noise or flash.

    Ase Utra BoreLock Muzzle Brake

    £109.00 Regular Price
    £89.00Sale Price
    VAT Included

      Threads / bores available:


      • 1/2"x28 (.223/5.56)
      • 1/2"x28 (.308/.338)
      • 5/8"x24 (.308/.338)
      • M18x1 (.308/.338)
      • M18X1.5 (.308/.338)


      Versions for .308/.338 are two chamber, .223/5.56 are 3 chamber.


      Phosphate finish and all are supplied complete with thread protector.


      Also available:


      • Hiper flash hider
      • Bird cage flash hider
      • Collar - if you want to use your existing A2 type flash hider


      Flash hider variants that are designed to diminish the noise or flash of a firearm, a licence is required for possession in the UK. Sec 57(1)(d) Firearms Act (as amended) 1968. You will find them in the firearms section here. 

    • Unless otherwise stated the price is for a single item, in one colour.

      Dragonfly Ordnance UK accepts no liability for the use (or misuse) of this equipment.

      Pictures are for reference; product delivered may differ slightly to that shown.

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