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The ACD is a spirit level mounted in an aircraft-grade, anodised, two-piece aluminium scope ring. Easy to fit without modification to either your rifle or optic, it is also designed to withstand heavy recoil and maintain accuracy to 1/8 of a degree.


Allowing the shooter to easily see and make adjustments for cant, the ACD is a simple solution to a frustrating problem. If a rifle is canted it will mean that particularly at extended ranges the shot can miss the point of aim and as corrections are applied to the scope the fall of shot will track at an angle away from the target.

    30mm ACD Anti cant bubble level scope mounted

    SKU: ACD30B
    VAT Included
    • Features:


      Eliminates 100% of cant

      Accurate to within 1/8th of a degree

      Weighs less than 15 grams

      Hard coat anodised black finish


      To fit:

      30mm scopes (MPN: ACD30B)

    • Unless otherwise stated the price is for a single item, in one colour.

      Dragonfly Ordnance UK accepts no liability for the use (or misuse) of this equipment.

      Pictures are for reference; product delivered may differ slightly to that shown.

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