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Snap caps are essential for dry fire practice sessions allowing you to release the firing pin safely and without damage to the rifle. This 5 pack of 12 gauge is ideal for practicing reloading drills with your semi-automatic or pump-action shotgun and the bright colour makes them hard to lose! 


"A-Zoom Rifle precision rifle snap caps are a perfect tool for adjusting and tuning your trigger pull. In addition, they help with offhand dry firing and smooth bolt cycling practice. Use A-Zoom Snap Caps for training new shooters on how to handle and fire a rifle."

    A-Zoom 12 gauge snap caps 5 pack

    SKU: 12311
    £26.00 Regular Price
    £23.90Sale Price
    VAT Included
      • Patented "Dead Cap" provides unlimited dry fires with no firing pin damage
      • CNC precision machined to precise cartridge dimensions for exact fit
      • Hard anodised to provide long life and smooth functioning
    • Unless otherwise stated the price is for a single item, in one colour.

      Dragonfly Ordnance UK accepts no liability for the use (or misuse) of this equipment.

      Pictures are for reference; product delivered may differ slightly to that shown.

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