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Israel Military Industry Mini Uzi

Trusted in the harshest environments, the robust and reliable Uzi in its more compact form of the Mini Uzi gives a very portable, powerful sub-machine gun. These genuine Israeli made Mini Uzis in 9x19mm are in very good condition.

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We have a small quantity of these genuine Israeli IMI manufacture, select fire 9x19mm Mini Uzi sub-machine guns in good condition. These can be converted to semi-automatic to your specification if required.

The sub-machine guns feature:

- Safe / semi / auto trigger unit
- Grip safety
- Folding stock
- Open-bolt, blowback operation
- Cold hammer forged, compensated barrel

Specifications(empty. no magazine):

- Weight - 1.50 kg
- Overall length (stock folded): 282 mm
- Barrel length: 117 mm
- Calibre: 9x19 mm
- Rate of fire: Circa 1,200 rounds per minute

Accessories / upgrades:

- Suppressors
- Slings
- Cleaning kits
- Transit cases
- Shoulder holster

Magazines available, steel, staggered box type:

- 25 round
- 32 round

To enquire on this item:

UK customers 

- Please email a copy of your Home Office Section 5 authority

Export customers

- Please email a copy of your dealer licence and / or import licence, translated to English where applicable.

Note: We cannot export this item without an approved UK export licence issued by the Department for International Trade.

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